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As we revisit our ancestors, their stories and their lives, it is always fun to peek at some old family pictures.  How serious they were in those days.  Didn't the photographer ever suggest they smile?  Here then is what we have been able to collect and share.  They document not only the Hill and Lafler families but many of the various connections as well.  We will start with our two principals - Lloyd and Helen (Lafler) Hill.
1st Lieutenant 
Lloyd G. Hill 
Michigan National 
Guard - 1928 


Helen Lafler's
Coldwater High School Graduation - 1924


Lloyd & Helen's 50th Wedding Anniversary - 1978





Patricia Hill's Coldwater        High School Graduation - 1961

The Hill Family - Lloyd, Wilma, Maude, Jessie and Ferne - Coldwater, Michigan 1916





Ethelyn and Helen Lafler - about early 1920's




Maude Graves & Arden Hill - 1897

Nellie Jones and Harry Lafler - 1904







Lloyd and Helen's 50th                                                                                         



Maude, Jessie & Ferne

at their home 78 Green St.








George N. Jones 




Helen's grandparents - 






Lloyd's grandparents - Mariam (Burghduff) Graves

and William Graves


and Alice (Welker) Jones

Lloyd's great grandparents - Nelson Burghduff and 

Adaline (Abbott) Burghduff

Helen's great grandparents - Noah Hotchkin Jones 

and Sarah Jane (Flint) Jones