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Family Pets
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Is your family like ours?  With pets running around all over the place. As far back as I can remember there have been family pets in our home.  Sometimes they can be a pain in the "you know where", but for the most part what would we do without them!  They are an important part of our family and when one of them gets sick or passes away you quickly discover how precious they are and how much comfort and companionship they give us. So this page is dedicated to our little (and sometimes not so little) friends.

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Richard & Monica's latest Siamese Cat - 2007 Belle (ElfinBlues Chrystal Belle) is a Blue Point Siamese Female Purebred Richard & Monica's latest Siamese Cat - 2007 Maddie (Blue Isles Madagscar) is a Chocolate Point Siamese Male Purebred Richard & Monica's Siamese Kitten - 2006 Suki is a Seal Point Siamese Female Purebred that unfortunately had a chronic illness and was returned to the breeder.

Jennifer's Siamese Kittens - 2007 -Yoko, Sagwa & Shigwa Richard & Monica's Siamese Cats - Cooper & Ricco Ricco on left as a kitten  - His full name is Ricco as in Ricardo Tubbs of Miami Vice 

The three Hill Cats: Zeke, Cooper & Ricco.  Zeke is no longer with us because he was unable to cope with the other cats. Cooper on left as a kitten - His full name is Special Agent Dale Cooper of Twin Peaks Vaggio is David's new Black Lab, born in early 2007


Maya 022.jpg (148857 bytes)

The Seta's dog - Sapphire - a beautiful Alaskan   Maya - another beautiful Golden Lab...the daughter of Molly



 Maya & Justin 023.jpg (160314 bytes)

  Ginger was Bryce's new little dog. A Jack Russell terrier. Now adopted by David. Justin Reed with Maya







    The Hurley's new Black Lab - Q born in 2002 - a rascal and so much so, they had to find a nice family and farm for her.

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The Reed's cat - Cally, passed away in 2006

David Hill's dog - Winston - on left, passed away in 2006 Ricco, our senior duff & as beloved as his brother, Cooper, is gone at 20 years of age on July 7, 2005.  He was the most sensitive cat I have ever known.  He always knew when Monica was stressed or sad and would talk to her and try to comfort her.  He will be greatly missed.

Zeke as a kitten -We hope he is well & with a good family Tia Maria - The Hill's Oriental Shorthair cat - passed away in 1992 Our beloved Cooper is gone...after 3 long years as a diabetic, he passed away on Sept 9, 2004. He was the greatest cat ever and we miss him so much. Cooper lived 15 years. Monica was up at 4 am every morning to feed him and give him his shot.  She took very good care of him.  He was Richard's favorite.


Molly right - passed away in 2001 shortly after giving birth to a litter of pups and Bailey passed away in 2006. The Reed's (Mike, Becky, Adam & Justin) dogs - nice Golden Labs Sophie right - passed away in 2004 - she was Bryce's dog Holly & Tasha - The Seta's cat Tasha passed away in 1999 & Holly had to find a new home.

The Hurley's dog - Samantha - a Sheltie Shepard - passed away in 2001 When the Hill Family was living in Jonesville, this was their pet poodle - Pebbles. She passed away in 1978 Sarah's dog - Mandy when Sarah was growing up in Jonesville, Mich. Mandy passed away in the mid 1980's


This is Duchess - a cousin to Pebbles -was a companion to my mother, Helen Hill, for many years.  Duchess passed away in the early 1990's My younger sister, Patti, with her kitten, whose name I can't recall. 

Muggins, a Boston Bull Terrier, was the long time companion of Richard when he was growing up in Coldwater, Michigan.  Muggins passed away in the late 1940's.

Cindy, the family cat, with Helen & Richard in 1932 Helen and her dog, Bess, Coldwater, Michigan in the 1920's Richard & Muggins at the Lafler-Jones family farm in Kinderhook, Michigan

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